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Zoning Bylaws
HISTORY:  Adopted by the Special Town Meeting of the Town of Fairhaven 6-14-1966, By Art. 10. Amendments noted where applicable.  As amended through 5/3/2014.

198-1. Authority.
198-2. Purpose.
198-3. Administration.
198-4. Enforcement.
198-5. Violations and penalties.
198-6. Planning Board.
198-7. Zoning Board of Appeals.
198-8. Special permit.
198-9. Variances.
198-10. Amendments.
198-11. Validity.
198-12. Applicability of greater restrictions.
198-13. When effective.
198-14. Establishment of districts.
198-15. Use regulations.
198-16. Use Regulation Schedule.
198-17. Intensity of use regulations.
198-18. Intensity of Use Schedule.
198-19. Fences.
198-20. Soil removal.
198-21. Nonconforming uses.
198-22. Accessory buildings and uses.
198-23. Home occupations.
198-24. Noise, litter and smoke standards.
198-25. Location of automobile services.
198-26. Sign regulations
198-27. Parking, loading and landscaping requirements.
198-28. Floodplain and Nasketucket River Basin Districts.
198-29. Special permits for certain intensive nonresidential and multifamily site developments.
198-29.1. Wireless communications Services.
198-29.2. Assisted Living Communities Overlay District.
198-29.3. Sexually oriented businesses.
198-29.4. Special permit for certain existing conditions in the Wetland Resource Protection District.
198-29.5. Wind Energy Facilities
198-29-6. Solar Photovoltaic Energy Facilities
198-29.7. Medical Marijuana Facilities
198-30. Filling.
198-31. Earth removal regulations.
198-31.1. Stormwater management.
198-32. Commercial camping.
198-32.1. Accessory dwelling units.
198-32.2. Dock and Piers
198-33. Definitions and word use
Report on findings concerning impacts of sexually oriented businesses
Illustrations to accompany 198-26, Sign Regulations
Wind Energy Facilities Annual O&M Report Form
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