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Major Projects and Upgrades
Ongoing Projects

            We have a number of projects that were funded at the May 2007 Town meeting that will be beginning very soon. 

1. South Street Pump Station Rehabilitation

        This $400,000 project will be a continuation of the rehabilitation of the South Street pump station, which is the station that handles close to 65% of the towns wastewater flow, and is located in the center of Town.  Phase one of the rehab was completed in 1995 and included the addition of a fourth pump as well as upgrades to all mechanical equipment, and a new generator was installed in 2006.

        This phase of work will include the following much needed improvements:

hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of existing influent sluice gates
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval of existing bar screens and replacement with new stainless steel bar screens
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of existing handrails and ladders in wet well
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of ductwork, motorized damper and electric unit heater in wet well
hollowsquarebullet.jpgInstallation of stainless steel safety chains in the wet well
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of electrical conduits, wiring and lighting in wet well area
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of sump pump and controls
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of existing roof and flashing

2. Arsene Street Facility Condition Report and Improvement Project

The treatment plant on Arsene Street is now 18 years old, and is entering its 20 year upgrade cycle.  There are some pieces of equipment that need immediate replacement, and the $1.5 million that was appropriated for this project will address the following issues:

hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of existing influent mechanically-cleaned bar screens
hollowsquarebullet.jpgReplacement of existing roofs at the Operations, Sludge Handling (Lime Room) and UV  Buildings
hollowsquarebullet.jpgStructural repairs to the Preliminary Treatment Building floor slab, existing Aeration Tanks walls and walkways, and leaking floor slab in basement of Sludge Handling Building
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of existing deteriorated 35 year old aluminum slide gates at the   Aeration Tanks
hollowsquarebullet.jpgRemoval and replacement of sludge valves throughout the existing treatment plant
hollowsquarebullet.jpgReplacement of existing HVAC air handling equipment and unit heaters throughout the treatment plant

3. Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan

This $600,000 plan will serve as a roadmap for future wastewater management through 2030, and is required by state and federal agencies. Some of the key items that will be addressed in the CWMP include:

hollowsquarebullet.jpgProjection of wastewater flows
hollowsquarebullet.jpgUpdate of Town wide Sewer Plan
hollowsquarebullet.jpgWastewater Treatment Alternatives Analyses to address the Town's needs as well as the request from Mattapoisett for more capacity
hollowsquarebullet.jpgWastewater Treatment Facility rehabilitation, expansion and upgrade
hollowsquarebullet.jpgUpdate of Town wide Infiltration/Inflow removal program
hollowsquarebullet.jpgUpgrades and expansion of wastewater collection system and pumping stations
hollowsquarebullet.jpgUpdate of the Intermunicipal Agreement with Mattapoisett

4.Hydraulic Remediation at the Main Treatment Plant on Arsene Street

During heavy rain events, the main treatment plant is experiencing hydraulic constrictions within the facility.  This project will accomplish the following tasks:

hollowsquarebullet.jpgEvaluate alternate repair and/or replacement methods to improve flow through the pipelines and manholes

hollowsquarebullet.jpgEvaluate flow patterns through the new ultraviolet disinfection system channels, verify proper operation of flow control gates, and identify improvements that could result in lowering of the hydraulic profile

hollowsquarebullet.jpgPrepare design plans and specifications for the recommended improvements

5. West Island Optimization Study

$50,000 was appropriated to investigate the options available to us to optimize the treatment and disposal of wastewater at the West Island Treatment Plant. 

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