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Caregiver Survival Tips
Concerned About a Senior in Your Life?

You are a Care Giver!

For people living in more than 22 million households in America, providing unpaid help to an older person has become a reality, according to the 1997 Family Caregiving in the U.S. Survey, conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. Often caregivers concentrate totally on providing informal assistance for the senior, but not for themselves - the caregivers.

Caregiver Survival Tips

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging (AoA) suggests these survival tips to caregivers:
o Plan ahead
o Learn about available resources
o Take one day at a time
o Develop contingency plans
o Accept help
o Make your health a priority
o Get enough rest
o Make time for leisure
o Be good to yourself
o Share your feelings with others

The Administration on Aging's National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP), established through the U.S. Older Americans Act, provides assistance to family caregivers.

Is there a support for Caregivers?

Yes.  We have a list of regional support group meetings. In addition the Fairhaven Senior Center provides monthly sessions, private consultations, and a variety of support for family members who provide care for others. This support may include requesting an overall evaluation of the situation; including an assessment of the person they help care for, and receive information support and education about various topics, e.g., the disease process (including Alzheimer's Disease), managing medications, giving personal care, maintaining safety, planning for future health care needs, caring for themselves while caring for someone else, etc. For more information call of Fairhaven Senior Center at 508-979-4029 or contact the National Family Caregivers Association 

Why Consider Supportive Day Services?
For family and friends struggling with the task of taking care of an individual on their own, the Fairhaven Supportive Day Program provides a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient alternative to institutionalization.  It also:
      Provides relief for family members
·       Enhances the development of interpersonal relationships
·       Promotes physical and emotional well-being
·       Offers warmth, enjoyment, and laughter
·       Addresses an individual's strengths, needs, and problems
·       Challenges and taps the potential abilities of participants
·       Encourages peers to interact with and help each other
·       Combats loneliness and depression
·       Provides supervision or slight assistance with activities of daily living such as walking, eating, toileting, and grooming
·       Ensures the safety and well-being of a loved one when the family or caregiver cannot  be there

The Senior Center Helps families coordinate health and therapeutic community services.

The Fairhaven Supportive Social Day Program is one alterative within the elder care network.  

For inquiries contact the Fairhaven Senior Center at 229 Huttleston Avenue, call 508-979-4029, or email

40 Center Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719
ph: 508.979.4023    fx: 508.979.4079
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